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200 hp 2-rotor gasoline engine, complete with Digital Engine Management system.

Runs on avgas 100LL as well as leaded or unleaded mogas, 87 octane (US), 92 octane (Europe) or higher .

Specifications G-200


Engine Type Naturally aspirated rotary
Number of Rotors 2
Displacement 3x654cc (3x39.9 per rotor
Cooling Coolant: water / ethylene glycol
Coolant heat load: 58kW / 198kBTU/hr
Oil heat load: 26kW / 90kBTU/hr
Engine Management Fully redundant dual-ECU digital control
Fuel System Dual electronic injection
Dual electric fuel pumps
Recommended Fuel 100LL avgas
Unleaded mogas (US: 87, Europe: 92)
PSRU 6-pinion planetary, ratio 2.8235:1
Hydraulic CS propeller governor drive
Propeller Rotation Tractor configuration: clockwise
Pusher configuration: anti-clockwise
Max. Take-off power 200 hp @ 2,250 propeller rpm
Max. Continuous Power As above
75% Cruise Power 150 hp @ 2,050 propeller rpm
Weight¹ 132 kgs / 291 lbs
Dual alternators 14V 70 Amp or 28V 40A

¹ Dry engine, PSRU weight including starter, main alternator included


Fact sheet :

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